UNIT VII - Improvisation

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Aug 28, 2005.

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    (This was going to go in the obscure insult thread but it kind of got overgrown)


    "Well, still it's no excuse"

    "You're the one who wanted some sort of bra"

    "Well I don't want to be bouncing about while we're off sparring"

    "Look, you wear a sticky side out duct tape bra, you have to take into consideration that my hand may at some time become attached to it"

    "You could be a little more discreet, this is a new settlement and I still look fourteen"

    "Blah, my point exactly, nothing to bounce around anyway, you should have gone commando"

    "Oh eat it, you justify those damn hand woven shorts of yours"

    "My testicles are of epic proportions"

    "So is your head"

    "Hey, I had to improvise"

    "You just wanted to fill some stupid 1990's infatuation with ducting tape"

    "Hey you were around, with a left arm I believe"

    "Don't go anywhere with that"

    "You know I promised, to all eternity, to try and balance my sins and heroism"

    "...but apparently not to not be pretentious"

    "That was dangerously close to a double negative"


    "Hahahahahah semen"


    "I'm not wearing a duct tape bra"

    "Just because I can't reach up around that heretical artifice you call a chest to make you one"

    "Make me a rice hat then"

    "A rice hat?"

    "You know... those hats.... they wear in Japan... or china... the ninja movies.... or samurai... the thing with the electric nipples"?

    "Oh, didn't one of my AOD masks come from there?"

    "You have many names and faces Mary Sue"

    "and a British accent.... at least I'm not Deus Ex Machina"

    "Yeah that's Sam Hein"

    "Where did I come from exactly"

    "You're the physical manifestation of my hearts longing"


    "No really!"


    "Popped out of nowhere, perfect nipples and all"

    "Sticky nipples"

    "Uhhhhh whatever Kid"




    "Exactly. Let's have another draft."


    "So anyway, how's the stub feeling?"

    "It's ok. I just have to watch the Grav mount if I start going nuts. I almost pulled the receptor plate out of the bone"

    "You're full fledged now though"

    "I was trying to rip the head of something or the other"

    "Not right off the bat!?"

    "No, I had it hacked down to final fight"

    "Man, should have called up someone, Cidd maybe"

    "Cidd's a nice guy but this was way beyond him"

    "What about Shay or Ayla"

    "Ooooh that would have been funny, two twin ten year old girls and a one armed fourteen year old girl whacking on a Behemoth"

    "Oh yeah, what the hell were you fighting with?"

    "I had number three out, before it was broken"

    "I think Plum is working on it down at Fivepoints’ shop"

    "Yeah, would have been nice to have Masa or Mune"

    "Well, I'll run a check over your shoulder mount"

    "No duct tape"

    "It's made out of the same material as my underwear"

    "Smells better"

    "My epic testicles have a sweet and enchanting smell!"





    "Am I pretty?"

    "You're beautiful"


    "My hand is stuck on your boobies again"

    "That's just fine...."

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    Seroiusly, I came away from this post kinda feeling , well, like I need to recommend some kind of sexual therapy...but I will rescind that thought temporarly. mostly due to the fact that I recognize the male need to be that way. In the name of ceative freedom I hearby certify you qualified to carry on as before.Blah, blah, blah...whatever! now I'm confused.
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    Uhhh, me too

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