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    As always, this information will be available on-line at: www.wi4wda.org/carlaboucher

    WHAT: On December 4, 2000, the BLM announced the availability of the Draft OHV Management Strategy.

    HOW IT EFFECT UFWDA: The deadline for submitting comments on the Draft OHV Management Strategy is January 3, 2001.
    This comment period is much too short.

    There are too many OHV-related policy changes going on right now to be able to adequately deal with them all within 30 days.
    For instance, the Final Planning Rule was published on November, 9, 2000; the Roadless Area Conservation FEIS is available for
    comments until December 14, 2000, at which time the Final Rule will be published, and now the Draft OHV Management Strategy
    is out for just 30 days.

    Paper copies of the Draft were not automatically mailed to everyone who contributed comments on the OHV Mailer. Therefore,
    the only way to access the Draft is through the Internet or by visiting a BLM office. However, the BLM offices were not expected
    to receive paper copies of the Draft until today, 12/08/00. People who can not afford a computer or Internet service should not be
    penalized. All Americans should receive the same chance to respond.

    Also, the BLM has stated that it will review all comments made between January 3, 2001 and January 19, 2001, just 12 business
    days. It is premature for the BLM to commit to such a short turn-around before they know how many comments will be made in
    response to the Draft.

    Finally, I see no reason why the BLM is in such a rush to finalize the strategy over the Christmas and New Years holiday.

    Therefore, please use the form letter below to request a 30-day extension of the comment period. PLEASE SEND YOUR
    REQUEST BY U.S. MAIL. This is important. Since we are claiming that the BLM is causing economical and technological
    disparity between Americans by penalizing those citizens who do not have computer or Internet access, we should bolster that
    claim by utilizing the US Mail. It would be seem hypocritical to stand up for the rights of all Americans without computers and do
    so using the computer and the internet.


    BLM OHV Strategy<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
    U.S. Department of the Interior
    Bureau of Land Management
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20240

    December 8, 2000

    Dear Strategy Team,

    The release of the Draft OHV Management Strategy was announced on December 4, 2000. As you
    know, the public has been invited to submit comments regarding this Draft until January 3, 2001.

    I am requesting a 30-day extension of time for public commenting from January 3, 2001, until February
    5, 2001, for the following reasons.

    1) Although release of the Draft was announced on December 4, 2000, the BLM stated that “paper copies of
    the document will be available from the Bureau's State Offices and its Washington, D.C., Office by December
    8. Despite the growing popularity and availability of the Internet, many Americans do not have Internet access
    or computers, and must rely upon the availability of paper copies. Therefore, since paper copies were not
    available in some locations until December 8, Americans without computer access are penalized with a
    comment period which is one week shorter than those more fortunate citizens who have computer access. I
    am sure that the BLM does not want to penalize Americans because of economic or technological disparity.

    2) The BLM has pre-determined that it will process all comments, regardless of how large the number,
    between January 3, 2001 (the comment deadline) and January 19, 2001. The BLM has done a
    commendable job in involving the public in the important task of promoting environmentally sound OHV use. It
    would be a shame to tarnish that record at this late date by rushing Americans to make comments and
    rushing the analysis team in reviewing Draft comments. I believe it is a mistake to set a 12-day (business
    days) time-frame for analysis of the Draft comments before the BLM knows the volume of comments that
    may be made. Managing OHV use in an environmentally sound way is extremely important and should not be
    short-changed by rushing to conclusion now.

    Please extend the public comment period for the Draft OHV Management Strategy until February 5,

    Sincerely yours,

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    I just received a paper copy of the draft a couple days ago. I don't see the deadline for the comments on the Draft anywhere. Are you sure it's Jan 3?


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