Updated for 7-4-03: Links DOI, Consitution, AOC, Fed. Papers, and more

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    Declaration of Independence

    US Constitution

    Articles of Confederation

    Federalist Papers

    Free Pocket Constitution I haven't used this one before. I got mine from Cato but they stopped giving them away.

    Not free:

    Metal pocket-sized Bill of Rights (Please note that this is not an endorsement of the views or suggested uses offered by Security Edition. I only provide the link because I thought the product itself was interesting.)

    Also your Representative or Senators may be able to provide you with a flag flown over the capital. There is a fee involved and it may take several weeks to get your flag. Links to the House and Senate should allow you to look up your Representative or Senators and request a flag.

    Sorry if this is a dupe of any other recently posted information, I have not been keeping up on this forum lately.
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    Re: For 07-04-02: Links to historical documents - Updated for \'03

    Updated last year's post with some new links and information. I know I'm a week or so early for the Independence Day but it's an important day to me and I wanted to make sure anyone who was interested got those links. /forums/images/graemlins/usaflag.gif

    Edited to add:
    Last year Thunder posted this link to a virtual fireworks show for those who might not otherwise see the festivities. I couldn't find the original thread containing the link so I thought I'd repost it for those that might be interested.
    Thanks Thunder.

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