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    Nov 18, 2000
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    What can be done to upgrade a 700r being rebuilt, other than a b&m shift kit and a cooler?
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    Mine is being rebuilt as we write. It should be done this weekend[​IMG]. The rebuilder will be adding corvette servos which will give it a better shift. A few other harden parts for a more reliable 700r4.

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    This is from an earlier forum.(stock vs. Jet700r4) This might give you an idea of what can be replaced. Posted by: <font color=blue>Backlash</font color=blue>

    "Here's what their tranny's are made of. Sounds pretty awesome. They are starting to due work on the newer tranny's.

    &gt; Got your website off the ColoradoK5.com forum. One of the members suggested
    &gt; I check you out.
    &gt; I have an 88 K-5 Blazer 4x4 , 350 motor with a 700r4 tranny that doesn't work
    &gt; in 3rd or overdrive. Was planning to take it into the dealer for a rebuild
    &gt; replacement. Everyone on the website says I can do much better than the
    &gt; dealer price.
    &gt; Will your 700r4 work well in my application? Have you sent any of your
    &gt; rebuilds to the Metro, DC area? If so, can you provide me with an address
    &gt; and telephone?
    &gt; Currently I'm living in a freakin condo and cannot do this instal myself.
    &gt; How would logistics be handled?
    &gt; Thanks,
    &gt; Bob

    We certainly can do better in price and quality than a factory certified rebuild
    even considering freight which will be around $190.00. The failure of their third
    and fourth gear is the number one failure of this transmission as it comes from
    General Motors, their certified rebuilds do nothing to change that problem, we
    address it head on. If you look at the following description of our transmission,
    you will note we use a nine clutch and steel pack in these units. This has
    virtually eliminated this problem. The most important thing is our focused
    knowledge concerning these transmissions, we have never done anything except
    Th-700R4 transmissions as long as we have been in business, we literally do
    thousands of them a year and have had to "fix" design issues because we have a
    very personal relationship with our customers that GM can't have.
    Having it installed certainly shouldn't be a problem, again just ask for
    referrals. Get someone who doesn't mind taking advise from a supplier about the
    installation, more importantly, they should be willing to look for the real
    causes of these transmissions to fail, lock up of the converter failing to
    operate correctly and cooling deficiencies.

    * Th-700R4 (4L60) transmission with a heavy duty torque converter is $1200.00.
    We use nothing but late model (1988 to 1993) 4X4 cores. Then perform a
    blueprint overhaul using only quality brand name components like Raybestos,
    Alto, Borg Warner, Torrington, Delco Remy etc. Every transmission features a
    new pump hardened steel pump rotor and vanes, hardened steel guide rings,
    double and stronger (high rpm operation) slider springs, H.D. Sprag, output
    Planetary with hardened ring gear and H.D. Pinion gears, New bushings
    (doubled in most major areas), Custom made (to our specs) one piece teflon
    seals, high temperature center seal, custom built servo assembly (our
    design), larger boost valves (both the main and the low/reverse), special
    accumulators (our design), custom shift calibration (our specification),
    nine frictions and steels in the 3/4 clutch pack with a special backing
    plate, special band anchoring just to name a few things. We perform over 40
    upgrades and modifications for increased durability and strength. The torque
    converter features a Kevlar friction, largest Lux dampening assembly
    available, torrington bearing to replace the thrust washer, largest
    available sprag, new steel pump drive bushing, brazed turbine vanes and the
    assembly is precision balanced for smooth operation. These converters are
    available in 1800 or 2200 stall speeds at the above price.

    I quit giving out referrals because we have to contact them, to get their
    permission, prior to giving out their names. Sorry, we realize this is certainly
    a very effective way to make people feel comfortable, but it is a time consumer
    that we just don't have a staff for. You already had one anyway, the gentleman
    who referred you to our web site.

    We have all these items in stock and can ship your order very quickly. I hope
    this gives you the information you were looking for. If I missed something please
    feel free to ask further questions. All of our transmissions are pre tested on
    our in house test facility to insure correct operation and operating pressures.

    We accept all major credit cards, money orders, cashiers checks, bank transfers
    or personal checks from southern CA.

    Our normal office hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday PST.


    Steve Holmes
    Bow Tie Overdrive"

    <font color=blue>Professional <font color=red>JEEP EATER</font color=red>, it's a population control thing.</font color=blue>
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