Urban archer stalked streets

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    Urban archer stalked streets

    July 04, 2005
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    A DRUNK kitchenhand wandering Darwin streets in the early hours with a large hunting crossbow was seeking two men who had stolen his mate's wallet, Darwin Magistrates Court heard.

    The crossbow was loaded with a arrow bolt and cocked, the court was told.

    After reports by concerned members of the public, police found Nathaniel Head with the crossbow at 3.45am at the corner of Knuckey St and Austin Lane.

    Asked why he was carrying it, Head said last week: "For my own defence.

    "Those boys were big boys - I'm only 54 kilos. Give me a break."

    Head, 25, of Darwin city, pleaded guilty to possessing a controlled weapon in a public place at night.

    "The defendent was intoxicated and he had a lot of the ingredients of a recipe for disaster," prosecutor Sergeant Gavin Kennedy said, urging a jail sentence.

    Sgt Kennedy said Head arrived home about midnight after drinking and found two men drinking with his flatmate at the Cavenagh St apartment they shared.

    When the men left the flatmate's wallet containing $170 was missing.

    Defence lawyer Alex Hill handed up five references which, he said, showed Head had done a lot for his home community in Tasmania, particulary with the scouting movement.

    Head had bought the crossbow to hunt pigs.

    "He has expressed insight into the danger of his actions to police," Mr Hill said. "There is a low risk of reoffending."

    Magistrate Dick Wallace said: "As these offences go, this is probably the most frightening one I have heard of. These modern crossbows are deadly."

    Mr Wallace said the references showed Head helped others "and this offence arose out of concern for a friend". "But I hope you realise it was a woefully stupid thing to do," he told Head. He sentenced him to two months' jail, suspended immediately on condition Head commit no jailable offence for 18 months. Forfeiture of the crossbow was automatic.
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    vigilanty justice!!!! :bow: :bow: :haha:
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    The tasmanian devil made him do it. :wink1:

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