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Uwarrhie April 24-26th


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Aug 29, 2002
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Richmond, VA
Hey yall Im inviting whoever wants to join the Sinking Creek Four Wheel Drive Association (Virginia Tech) on our spring semester run. We should have a pretty good group from just the club and a club member who drives a Ramcharger is bringing like 10 trucks from so it would be cool to have some of us representing the better fullsize.

Again its the weekend of April 23rd-25th at Uwarrhie. Ive never been to Uwarrhie and Im sure others will chime in but I hear its very fullsize friendly and offers a variety of difficulty levels.

Here's a email from the organizer with the details..


We have a trip to Uwharrie planned for April 23-25. We will have one group leaving Thursday night and another leaving on Friday afternoon. We will be caming in Hunt Camp. It is 5 dollars per night per site, and I would expect for us to have possibly 30 people, so we may get 3 sites, so at most it will cost 1-2 dollars per person to camp. The group going down Thursday night will get the camping spots.

We are expecting a total of 20+ trucks to be there including the club and other people that are comming. Like Mike said, we will be inspecting vehicles before we leave to make sure everyone has the required items. There is a 5 dollar a day trail use fee. You can buy a seasons pass for 30. All trail use passes must be bought at the outpost now, no longer have any places to buy them at the trail heads. Hunt camp does allow alcohol, but no drinking and driving of any sort will be permitted. Drinking in the camp is fine as long as you don't plan on driving till the next morning.

We will probably break the group into two smaller groups for the trail rides due to the large number of people. If you don't have a CB, try to get atleast a set of walky-talkies and give one to a person with a CB. This weekend should be a lot of fun.


If theres anymore questions just ask away.

I really think it would be sweet for us Blazers/Jimmys to show up the Ramchargers and all the Heeps in the club.
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