vac lines where do they go?

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    Ive got 6 spots for vac lines and dont know where they all go here they are and its a performer manifold and 1405 carb.
    1. Front pasanger side of carb
    3.little round thing with yellow and black wires above engine on fire wall
    4.behind carb on manifold has spot for 2 hoses
    5.vac line goes into fire wall then has a t and one end goes to canister then the other goes to something with wires on drivers side then theres a litle roun thing with a conection on the end of one of the hoses.
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    for the dizzy connect the hose to a port on the carb thay is timed, IE. it develops vacuum not at idle but after throttle is opened, that should be any port above the throttle blades in the base of the carb

    the switch thingy on firewall should be the converter lockup switch, it would take manifold vacuum, source for it should be one of the port on the manifold behind carb.

    sometimes is a hose for heater system that also plugs onto manifold port behind carb, too, but sometimes connects ot carb port, but both ports make same vacum source because both are below throttle blades shaft.

    number 5. sounds like emissions crap, id probably just worry about what is labeled at the port on the canister where the hose you are concerned with says and connect it to where it says like carb or PCV(manifold source), etc.

    is your PCV hose tee'd into hose going to canister ? sometimes they are and i like ot separate the PCV and run it directly from center front of base of carb straight over to valve cover.

    hope some of this helps, thats my $.02 as best as i can provide with info given and current mood anyways

    good luck

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