vaccum q's

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    vaccum q\'s

    got a 89 k5 witha tbi 350 blew the 700r4 and replaced it with a th350 until my 465 is ready but any way where do i hook the the vaccum to
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    gilbert Phoenix
    Re: vaccum q\'s

    here is some info I saved a while back from here, hope it helps /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    on the carb...its safe to assume any vacume fittings at the throttle plate level will be full manifold vacume..any ports higher up should be ported vacume(only sucks when the throttle is opened) tranny should go to full vacume,as should the brake booster(most likely to the manifold at the rear of the carb or sometimes directly to the back of the carb at the bottom) and your distributor vacume advance needs to be hooked at a ported vacume source (usually at the front of the carb (about midway up somewhere).....

    on the carb you should have a big hole on the back of the carb facing fire wall .your brake booster should be hooked up there. you should put a fitting in the intake somewhere on the rear of it where there is a full vacuum port. that hook into the modulator for the tranny it has to have full vacuum to work properly. you should have one vacuum line running from the passenger side port on the front of the carb to the distributor for vacuum advance. you should have a rubber plug that came with the carb to block off the other front port on the carb .

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