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    I am thinking about selling my truck and starting on another project. I was just wondering what would be a good price to ask for it. I have pics, specs, and I am going to add some more stuff like a paint job and Line-x in the bed. Here are some pics of it inside my webshots album.web page Some of the specs are; GM Goodwrench 6.2 diesel with about 65-70k miles. Built 700-r4 with almost every upgrade other then the 5 pinion planets, ORD doubler with Twin Stick, High Angle 1350C/V front shaft with Rock Crawler splines, rear shaft has 1350's as well. Dana 60 Front, 4.56's, trac-lock, custom finned steel cover. 14 bolt with detroit. Both have been shaved between 3/8 and 1/2 inch. The rear also has a custom Rock guard. Goodmark Industries Cowl Induction hood. Phantom Grille. Custom Front & Rear bumpers. Front is made of 3x6x3/16 steel. The rear is 2x4x1/4 steel. Fairly clean interior with power windows and door locks. CD player, Grant steering wheel.
    It has 8" skyjacker front springs, with stock springs, 2"block and 4"ORD reverse shackle kit in back. With RS5000 shocks. It also has ARG Rock ram steering with rockstomper tierod and draglink, and power steering cool. It includes a Toolbox which is in the pics. The wheels & tires come with 5 15x10 eaton beadlock, and 5 39.5-15-15 tsl. 2 100% tread, the other 3 with about 60%. I also have installed 2x4" rocksliders in place of the rocker panels. The bed has been cut for clearance and has been shortened 6 1/2". plus Air conditioning. Everything works great, and the truck drives fairly well with the 39.5s. There are many new parts like, Radiator, batteries, starter.

    I felt with everything I have done plus the paintjob and line x I could get around 10,000 to 12,000.
    Opinions needed. /forums/images/graemlins/truck.gif

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