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    I am looking for a valve adjustmet procedure for my 400 cid engine. I tried using the one in the book with a result of 6 bendt puhsrods.
    Can someone help me???? I got the engine running but i need to make shure the valves are correct.
    Also i need an easy way to turn the enigne without using the starter so i can align the timing marks.

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    You've embarked on something, that is good maintenance but exacting in nature in execution. You need more help than I'm able to give but I'll tell you what I know:

    - My '91 Blazer's Chilton manual says any vehicle covered by this manual that has hydaulic lifters, does not need valve lash adjustment. That said, I'd leave them alone; based on personal experience.

    - As far as turning the engine, use either a breaker bar or ratchet on the flywheel; that's how I did it. You'll need some spark plugs out to reduce compression and make it easier to turn the crank.

    - Try the library. My local library has many Chilton and Haynes books. They'll have the procedure as far as what valve to adjust when at TDC, then one full revolution (usually firing position for cylinder #6) to do the remaining, indicated valves. Maybe go to the dealer and aske for a copy of that section of the shop manual. I've seen different sequence recommendations from say, Haynes to Chilton. I'm planning on investing in a Shop Manual so I know I've got the right info.

    Good Luck,
    <font color=red>David, '86 K5</font color=red>

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