Vandalism SUXXS (rant)!!!!

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    Our town recreation dept (which I am asst rec director of) has at our rec center, a tramway - Rope Tow- Ski lift, or whatever you want to call it...

    In order to operate, the dept of labor and industries has to come down and inspect it all- the tension, speed, rpms, brakes etc... so the week before christmas, I get a call from our public works supervisor- that they were over at the rope tow- which is right next to the PW garage, and saw one of the big pullies laying on the ground...someone had cut a rope, and down it came... so we call the cops- nothing they can do, nobody saw anything etc.. we deal with this all the time...for instance- halloween I was at the rec center from about 11pm-330am just to make sure nothing happened..anway...

    so we set it up to get it all set the day after xmas- public works supervisor and some of the other PW guys would meet me there, and hook everyything up for me, get it running etc... as our budget is the bare minimum- no money for privite contractor...these guys are great to us, and do anything we ask of

    christmas comes, and along with it about 2 feet of snow- which in turn means- PW guys are busy plowing/sanding/salting removing snow for the next 6 days...then on the 7th day- another 1.5 feet of snow falls to the ground....again- a week they are tied up. After the week goes by, they are still way behind on the snow, as it snowed just enough every day to require them to be out all night doing it all over again..

    yesterday- we catch a break, the guys worked 92 hours of overtime the previous 2 weeks, but said they'd help me out..we go up- spend 6 hours standing in a**hole deep snow getting stuff going. I walked up and down the hill twice...our groomer wont make it with the deep snow, so I've got to get a newer sled up to break trail..Everything but the counter weight- 500lb barrell filled with taken care of... I call the inspector last night he says he'll come down this him at 8am with PW super, and start up the tow...working great...all of a sudden it slips a pulley- 75 feet in the ground is this pulley.........caused by the original pulley being down, and the counter weight being off. So, I look at PW guy, he looks at me, we both just about fall over...and the inspector says- well, how bout I come back down Wednesady- can you get that pulley and weight up? long as no snow between now and then.. UUUGGHHH...

    the thing that really bugs me is that this rope tow- is $1.50 per day for kids...$2.50 per day for adults.. it's run by volunteers, this is the best winter we have had in years, and we can't use it without being inspected...had it not been vandalised, we'd have been running before christmas. the original inpection date was the friday before...because some punk had to screw around, the kids are missing out on a great winter...and I"m the one that gets all the phone calls wondering WHY I haven't got it open. I did write a letter to the area papers, explaining what had happened, and that the PW guys take very good care of us, but are extreamly busy...just pisses me off to think of probably a 10 minute vandalism deal is causing us 2 full days by the time were done of fixing.. okay rant off

    FYI- our rope tow is 950' up, 1210 capacity on our hill, and it's said if you can ski our hill, you can ski just about anywhere...we never get the same guy to brushhog in the fall, they only do it's wicked steep...Great thing about a rope tow is little ones can go up 1 or 2 poles, and get off. Ruins lots of gloves but it's a blast...only 1 other tramway in the state of vermont older than ours!

    night skiing is wicked too! Our trail is lined with lights, and there is one trail that kicks off to the right- out into the woods- about 40 feet wide, then comes back out to the main trail..really cool..

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    wicked steep

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