Vehicle Headaches

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sled_dog, May 14, 2005.

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    So my 97 Pickup went to the body shop a month or two ago. I got it back a few weekends ago. Lets start listing the issues.

    They didn't clean the interior(paint dust EVERYWHERE). They left interior trim pieces off for me. They didn't fully bolt on the fender. They didn't fully bolt the ECM back to the fender(thats not important :rolleyes: ). They didn't bolt the bed back down(I took it to them like that but still). We wanted a simple Enamel paint jobs, they did a Base/Clear job. :mad:

    All in all it cost quite a bit of money(over 1K) and did I mention, THIS IS FAMILY!! I'd hate to see how they treat their regular customers. Dad wants to kill his Cousin.

    Bonus, they left their air ratchet, a bunch of sockets and extensions(all the mentioned cheap crap) and a Craftsmen screwdriver in my storage box under the hood.

    When the truck went to get inspected it needed a fuel pressure regulator, and a water pump. If I sell it for what its worth and pay off my loan, I'm in the hole :mad: I made a good deal of money off my last truck I bought and sold, this one not so lucky. Oh well I guess I'm paying for my use of it... even more so than what I've paid on the loan already.
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    that is exactly why i dont like to mix the 2 kinds of stuff. it tends to blow up in your face.

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