Very happy with Durabak and interior panels

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    Had some great luck with Durabak. I originally ordered gray but they sent black, never checked until it was too late. Overall, I am very please with black and prefer it to gray. Word of advice, check the color before starting the prep work (ooops and duh)!

    Sanded and grinded the truck tub, cleaned it off with Xylene and then rolled away. Took half a day to prep and only a few hours to fully paint and only used a half gallon. Hardest part was cleaning off the residual carpet glue on top of wheel-wells. Could not believe the final results.

    Replaced the interior side bed panels with redwood stained 1/4" birch plywood, which had double sided aluminum/foam insulations on the inside (glued on with liquid nails). Spent less than $30 for everything.

    This stuff is rock hard. Had trouble drilling through it (yes, I really had to). Cures pretty fast and coated well. No complaints.

    Have pics of the whole project, just need them developed and to find a scanner!

    What to paint next....

    One eyed super fly- watch out!
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