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    Everyones help is needed to help us keep this area open to public use.Please read the attached article and ether e-mail the parties at the bottom or download the letter and mail it right away!

    Bill Innes
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    I have pasted the attached alert to the bottom of this e-mail for those of you who can not receive attachments through your service
    provider or for those that may have trouble opening Word documents. The attachment and the pasted information below are
    identical in content.

    If you have any questions about this alert please contact myself of David Gough, United's International vice President, at

    David Gough
    1105 Jalna Blvd, Unit 101
    London, Ontario N6E 2S9
    (519) 668-5200

    Thank you



    Canadian Land Use Alert
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    There are currently two important land use issues in Canada that United’s members can make a difference in the outcome. For
    years we here in Canada have watched and supported our fellow United members with these types of issues throughout the
    United States. We hoped it would never come up here in Canada but knew it would soon be hitting us as well. So I hope we can
    use the knowledge, networks, and experience gained through your continuing battles up here. I have listed below the two treated
    areas in Carla Boucher’s United Alert format so that letters or emails can be easier to write. If you have any further questions or
    copies of sample letters please contact Scott Riebel, Carla Boucher, and myself.

    Thank you all in advance for your help.

    David Gough
    International Vice President
    United Four Wheel Drive Associations

    Harbourview - British Columbia


    The Land Conservancy of BC and the Capital Regoinal District (CRD) are currently fund raising to purchase much of the
    lands in the Harbourview. When the purchase is complete in February, it is likely that Sooke Mountain Provincial Park will be sold
    to the (CRD), who will then be managing the newly created park. The clubs in the area (Lionsgaters Four Wheel Drive Society and
    Island Rock Crawlers) have been actively petitioning the CRD to amend their policy and allow motorized vehicles in this one park.
    This request has so far been rejected by the CRD Parks. The Harbourview area has been used for decades by many different
    recreationalists. We certainly agree that the area should be saved, but we do not believe that saving it should be done by putting
    up gates and closing it to those who currently use it. We have already demonstrated that four wheelers have and will continue to
    treat the area with a great deal of respect. It is evident in the clubs code of conduct, annual clean ups that have been organized in
    the area for the past five years. The clubs had a public rally on the BC Legislature Grounds on November 25, 2000. The theme of
    the rally will sound very familiar to United’s membership and that was “ Public Access for Public Lands”. They hope to have over
    1000 people from different multi- use groups at the rally.

    Here are some of the points to mention:

    1. You applaud the saving of “ green spaces “, however the closure of Harbourview to our sport will greatly affect the
    organized four wheelers in the area. Harbourview is the only public accessible land within the CRD that is not
    subjected to closure from the forest companies who manage 55% of the CRD’s green spaces.
    2. We feel that the recreational needs of the hiking and biking community are already met in this area with the Galloping
    Goose Trail, East Sooke Park and the upcoming trails to be made in the Sooke Hills\Mt Wells Regional Park. The
    recreational needs of the OHV community must be met in the Harbourview Area.
    3. We believe in responsible use of OHV trails and we believe that the designation of Harbourview as an OHV park can
    be a viable and environmentally sustainable management option.

    Where to send the letters.

    Capital Regoinal District Parks
    490 Atkins Avenue
    Victoria, BC
    V9B 2Z8

    Mayor Ed Macgregor and Council
    Municipality of Sooke
    2225 Otter Point Road
    Sooke, BC
    V0S 1N0

    Keith Martin, MP
    Esquimalt- Juan de Fuca
    B-2820 Jacklin Road
    Victoria, BC
    V9B 3X9

    Rick Kasper, MLA
    Malahat-Juan de Fuca
    276, Parliament Buildings
    Victoria, BC
    V8V 1X4

    Kawartha Highlands Signature Site, Ontario


    In July 2000, Ontario Living Legacy Project was confirmed by Premier Mike Harris, the creation of 378 new parks and
    protected areas covering 2.4 million hectares that was proposed in March 1999 be started. The Kawartha Highlands
    Signature Site is the second of nine signature site projects launched under the Living Legacy banner. The Kawartha
    Highlands covers 35,518 hectares and includes Kawartha Highland Provincial Park. It is situated on the southern edge of
    the Canadian Shield, 50 km north of Peterborough and features a rugged, rolling landscape of small lakes, wetlands,
    forest and rocky barrens. This will cover the some of the best four wheeling areas in the Province of Ontario that has been
    in use as a multi-use trail system for decades. The Minster of Natural Resources, John Snobelen, has formed a Local
    Stakeholder Committee to make recommendations on:

    A: the most appropriate designation of the area (Provincial Park or Conservation Reserve or some commination of the two)

    B: final boundaries,

    C: future management policies, and

    D: future co-stewardship of the area.

    So it is clear to four Associations of UFWDA as well as several other organized four-wheel clubs that we need to have our
    sport listed as a recreational activity which will be allowed to continue after the final designation. We are currently not
    listed as a traditional recreational activity. The comment period is open to the end of February 2001.

    Here are some points to mention:

    1. UFWDA represents four Associations in the region (Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association, Northern Lights 4X4
    Trailriders Association, Rustbelt 4X4 Trailriders Association, and Toyota Land Cruiser Association) who have over 60
    plus clubs as member clubs. We all use different areas of Ontario’s Crown Land but a large group use the Kawartha
    Highlands Area. Many have used the Five Point Recreational Trail System for decades.
    2. We all believe that responsible use of multi-use trail system can be a viable and environmentally sustainable
    management option for the Kawartha Highlands Area. We can use Southern Four Wheel Drive Association as
    example of this type of management system. They have had been using and maintaining the Upper Tellico OHV Area
    for number of years. Like Tellico some of the main concerns here in the Kawartha Highland Area are downstream
    water quality and keeping the trails in environmentally sound conditions as well as continuing to provide challenging
    trail rides for all user groups. The London and Area JeepÒ Owners Club has been working for number of years with
    Twin Mountain and Buckhorn Snowmobile Clubs on joint trail maintenance projects which help both activities enjoy
    the trail system. The members of Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association and other members clubs of Rustbelt
    4X4 Trailriders Association have been working on developing this type of joint trail maintenance projects with the
    member clubs OFSC on the trail network they use together in Northern Ontario.
    3. We all support the creation of the 378 new parks and protected areas. But organized four wheeling needs to be
    listed as a traditional recreational activity in these parks and protected areas where motorized activity is being
    4. We also need to note the economic benefits of having organized four wheeling events occurring in Kawartha Highland
    Area. Our sport does bring in much needed tourism dollars to the region, which would not have been spent there.
    Over the last three years JeepÒJamboree has been held in the Kawarthas Area over two weekends every July. The
    London and Area JeepÒ Owners Club is up there at least five weekends before and during the event every year. There
    are other Jamboree’s, organized events and trail maintenance throughout the year. During the time these events are
    being run in the area it is hard to find accommodations and restaurants appear to be doing very good business. An
    example of the amount of tourism dollars that region can expect from four-wheel drive weekend is Camp JeepÒ 2000
    and the millions of dollars put into that economy in that area of Virginia during that weekend.

    Where to send the letters:

    Kawartha Highlands Project Office
    Ministry of Natural Resources
    Nancy Wilson, Project Coordinator
    106 Monck Street, P.O. Box 500
    Bancroft, Ontario
    K0L 1C0

    The Hon. Michael Harris, MP
    Premier of Ontario
    RM 281 Legislative Building
    Queen’s Park
    Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 1A1

    The Hon. Cam Jackson, MP
    Minster of Tourism
    900 Bay Street
    Mowat Block, 3rd floor
    Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 1R3

    The Hon. John Snobelen, MP
    Minster of Natural Resources
    RM 6630 Whitney Block
    99 Wellesley Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M7A 1W3

    Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs
    Dennis Burns, President
    12-106 Saunders Road
    Barrie, Ontario
    L4N 9A8

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