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    - Vision Quest -

    He set upon the mountain on a dark and moonless night.
    He set alone in darkness waiting for the light.
    He doesn't know how long he set there waiting for the day.
    Waiting for the Sun to come and chase the night away.
    He doesn't know how long he set there, he had lost all sense of time.
    He doesn't know how long he set there resting from the climb.
    He doesn't know how long he set there his mind filled with confusion
    and with doubt.

    There was so much going on that he couldn't figure out.
    But as he sat and listened he begin to hear.
    He heard a voice old and wise tell him exactly why he had been
    brought there.

    "My son, it said, you have been brought here to learn.
    That those things worth having most are things that you must earn.
    To learn that what has come into your life comes not without a price.
    The question is, my son, what are you willing to sacrifice?
    You questioned why the long, hard way you were led to get to where
    you are and was chosen when it seemed not very far from your struggle
    and your pain were easier paths by which your goal you could gain.
    But, you see, my son, the easy path is not the better way.

    For it is in the struggle of life that we find victory everyday.
    A path that will be double hard to walk is set before you today.
    And if you choose to follow it we will help you find your way.
    Often you will feel lonely, and often misunderstood,
    but remember, my son, the path you walk is for the greater good.
    So, when you are feeling heartache, when you are feeling pain.
    Remember it is from the greatest struggle that the greatest victory
    we gain."

    Written By Marty Soaring Eagle
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