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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by kyser_soze, Jan 20, 2007.

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    Yesterday at work we had a urgent message show up over the wire asking for volunteers to help out for Habitat for Humanity a local volunteer organization dedicated to building homes for poor people in delapidated parts of the city. I was thinking that the weather would turn foul this afternoon and didn't have anything to do today other than mope around the house and watch movies, so I voluntered.

    When I was there they had a house blessing ceremoney where the new owners showed up with the media and a sorta-formal ceremoney dedicating the house to them. Tears and cheers a very emotional time for the new family.

    Well I feel pretty good right now for helping them out and hoping that they can make out ok in their new home.

    They people I was woking with have a lot of heart doing what they do but they really need more professionals to help guide them along in future projects. But I really do not foresee the new owners complaing about some of the quality going into their new home. The volunteers really can do their best with only minimal knowledge of carpentry.

    Perhaps I am to much of a perfectionist when it comes to my trade, but I did some curtious guiding to serveal volunteers at the site. This was an altogether different world than what I am used to, being a forman in carpentry and trying to cool my jets when it comes to other volunteers.

    It seemed like the pace things were getting done were about 2/5 th's of normal so it took a little of getting used to.

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