Vortec Headed carbed 350 intake leaking oil

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TJS, Sep 13, 2003.

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    Just got my Vortec Headed 350 with E-bock RPM intake together, I used GM intake gaskets and head gaskets as well.
    I put plenty of black RTV on the end rails(GM set does not come with end rail gaskets they say use black RTV) of the intake and at the rear of the intake I can see an oil leak. I have it on my engine run in stand that I built for this reason.
    I also have the bolts torqued to 15 ft lbs and I followed the sequence as well. I have built many small blocks and I don't like to use gobs and gobs of RTV. So now I think I am going to use the rubber end rail gaskets that I had laying around from some other build up. Also a side not the heads are new and have not been milled either.
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    If the parts are right, you shouldn't have enough room for the gaskets in there. If you make them fit, they will more than likey hold the manifold up enough so the head sides do not seal properly. I'm pulling my manifold right now (well, taking a break..) but because they don't use the center bolts on them, I developed a leak from the engine block gasses into #4&6 causing me to blow some smoke and use more oil. I'd think and double check things before I'd use them.

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