Wagoneer Front Springs

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    Apr 27, 2000
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    This was talked about but i would like more info. Would this be simple to do or would it need some fabricating? How much would it lift exactly? What year wagoneers should I look for at the junkyard?

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  2. Donovan

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    I got this spring I think off of a 79 Wagoneer. They make to sets, 4 leaf and the 7 leaf. The 4 leaf are thicker and will not flex as well. I have not put the 7 leafs on yet but I don't see why they will not work. The spring bolts are 9/16 front and rear. So shackels will have to be drilled. The spring are 47" eye to eye with a 7" arch in them. I called a spring place here in town and they said that they have a spring rate of 210#/". So if you add one leaf to the top this will put the rate up around 300#/". The only problem I see if that the eye to center pin is 22.5". You could alway redrill the spring perchs 1" a head to put them in the orginal spot. I have a picture of just the springs if anybody wants it.


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