Wakeboarder and 4x4er......

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    i do the same 2 things dude. just got a 1987 american skier with 133 original hours! has a 351 Clev., and looks just like a nautique 2001 model. inboard, huge wake, and i rip it. just got a launch pole in the mail today, with 2 launch sacs, a new rope/big handle, and a tuneup on the beast boat.......just wish the 351 was a 350 Chevy! it runs sweet though, and will pull up about 10 at once. i also have a 84 K5 305/700r4/10 bolts/np208/4"susp lift/33's/dual flows/and a rippin stereo. all i do is rip in the k5, on the wakeboard/hyperlyte all the way, and make a little gas $ for both. i have 1 more semester at UGA.....but go Clemson Tigers. life is sweet with a K5......
    just droppin a helo....rip it in Kansas...Kelboski

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