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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Capman2k, Feb 3, 2007.

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    I wrote a new blog on myspace...... But I thought I would share it with you guys :eek1:

    So I work in a hotel, right? Well tonight this lady comes up to the desk and says my coworker said we have a truck driver rate... I said yes and started asking for the usual information... Then out of the blue she says "I've got the chills and some diarrhea so I need a warm room." I chose to ignore that comment and not say anything. I asked for her address, and she pulls out a business card. It looks exactly like this:


    So while I was putting in her address, she coughed on me. ON me. I tried to withhold my disgust from her, but she just kept coughing, so I kinda stepped aside until she was done.
    She told me about how she runs the website on the card (if you can find it) and I should go there because I can learn the following things (which are listed on the back of the card):

    Answers to all questions
    Real Future for ALL EARTH
    FREE AC electric from environment
    STOP Global Warming immediately
    Water in abundance
    green all deserts
    Control all planet Earth Weather
    easy Form life environments on Mars, Venus
    Deep Space Travel, no rockets, no fuels
    PEACE & Prosperity & war no life lost
    Materials of "Si" BUILD our FUTURE
    Radioactivity neutralized instantly
    easy Health, Food and life brings 100% cures

    HOLY CRAZY!!!! She gave a card to the next person in line, too, and told her that she could create a 12 karat diamond in her garage overnight... She said she was a wave-mechanic physicist...

    So I got her all checked in and out of my lobby and next person in line smartly insisted that I put her as far away as possible as this woman... It might be completely unprofessional, but I had to laugh... That's it...
    I went to her website. If you couldn't find it from the picture, it's http://diplomaticvoyage.net/
    It makes about as much sense as the back of the card... From what I can gather, crazy lady thinks we get all our knowledge from either God or a star 22 light years away... I'm not sure which, because she claims both... She's been homeless since 1991, living out of her car after the government murdered her family because she wrote a book that caused international turmoil. The Berlin wall came down because of her book, and she was even contacted by Russian leaders... That's when her book was banned from being printed and her family killed...

    Oh man... I wish I could tell you everything, but you just need to go to this website and know that I have MET in PERSON the creature responsible for that drivel of insanity... I hope she gets heavily medicated or something... If there's anyone in the world who needs to be drugged up and put in an institution, I believe I met her tonight.

    :doah: :doah: :doah:
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    Man I think I to afraid to go on the site!! But WOW that seemed like a fOcked night at work man!

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