wanted 69-75 blazer or jimmy project in arizona

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by blazer kid, Mar 19, 2002.

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    Mar 15, 2002
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    I would like to trade some guns and cash for a 69-75 blazer or jimmy. I have a ak-47 sig 9mm both guns have high cap magazines and the sig has night sights. I also have a remington shotgun that is no longer made with a folding stock. That I had to ask the ATF before I bought. Would like to find a blazer or jimmy in the arizona area, or if it could be delivered to Tempe Arizona. I would like blazer to be complete and not alot ot rust, does not have to run . you can email me at sig229mm@aol.com or call me at 480-491-1052.

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