Waterproofing a 73 blazer

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    OK here is my problem: I love to get my rig all muddy but whenever i get into the gooy mud ,you know the kind with lil pockets of water in it, my distributor gets wet and it starts crossfiring and i either get stuck or barly make it out and have to wait like 30min after i hose the points down with WD40. Now i know an HEI distributor and some silicone around the distributor cap and on the spark wires would help , but i want to know if there is a way to cut down how much water gets to the distributor any ideas are welcome no matter how crazy or outreagous please no duct tape ides though im trying to not hold my entire truck together with the stuff /forums/images/icons/smile.gif THANX EVERYONE
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    I saw an article about 2 or three years ago on making your engine compartment mud/water proof. I think they called it baffling or something. Anyhow, the jist of it was to just get some different types of rubber (like some rigid and some thats soft and flexy) and place it stratically around the input areas. (btw federwell/frame rail btw rad support/front crossmemeber...)
    I think they started with the the '88-'91 fender well bafles (they were factory those years, give or take a year or two on the '88 date...). I think they hang down from the front wheel wells and have slight cutouts for the suspension and shocks and whatnot. I remember the pictures from the article showing a truck that you couldn't tell what color it was from the mud and then a picture of the engine compartment, and it was virtually spotless. So, you have hope, it can be done.
    So you could start by going to the dealer and getting those stock ones, those will help a lot, acording to my memory of the article. I'm still building mine, and I plan on using those on my project, but can't yet report on how well they work.
    Mabey someone else has that article or a similar one. Your problem is not just yours, I know I've experienced it as well, that's why I plan on using something on my new buildup.


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