We had a bad storm come thru over the weekend...

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    the text:

    Jess H. Rivers of Stephenville has lived through a tornado before. And while he's not prepared to say that a small one struck his home, the bizarre behavior of strong winds which whipped across Erath County around midnight Saturday reminded him of one he survived as a child decades ago.

    Amid the fury with which the thunderstorm hit, the winds also demonstrated a more delicate - although decidedly circular - touch outside the home of Jess and Sally Rivers stretching between U.S. Highway 377 and Business U.S. 377 North, next to Converter Connection.

    Mr. Rivers said winds from the weekend storm lifted a single decorative sea shell from a collection on his front home's porch and transported it some 100 feet, placing it unharmed behind a shrub on an address sign perhaps 12 inches above ground.

    Even more remarkable is what the winds did to a wind chime on that porch. They beautifully braided the cords which attach a half dozen metal tubes to an approximate 6-by 9-inch oval piece of plastic - which was not harmed.

    "I bet none of us could braid that thing as well," Rivers said.

    Two American flags were in position on the railings of the porch. The wooden pole holding one of them was snapped and it was blown away, and has not been found. The other, maybe 12 feet away, remained in place.

    Meanwhile, potted plants weighing any where from 20 to 50 pounds on the porch and in the carport were turned on their sides, but otherwise undamaged.

    While their home escaped damage, the couple continued to discover various mischief done by the winds as the they looked around their yard Sunday. A hummingbird feeder hanging from a tree was unscrewed from its top, and the container was found on the ground still full of nectar. A feeder full of seed "was simply cleaned out," Mrs. Rivers said, but otherwise unharmed.

    Several tree limbs and branches were snapped off in the yard, but the storm left them all carefully arranged in a clearly defined circle - the stronger evidence of the motion of the winds. Along their driveway nearby and in the rest of their rural yard, however, no limbs or leaves were to be found.

    A frontal system advancing through the state was accompanied by severe thunderstorms which caused significant damage in North Central Texas. Hurricane-force winds were measured in the Possum Kingdom region north of Erath County. Locally, numerous signs and portable marquees were overturned, and countless trees lost limbs - some of which blocked streets and highways. Electric power and telephone services were interrupted in various locations, and the roof was ripped off the Morgan Mill School.

    "I was in a tornado in 1930 and know what they can do," Rivers said. It struck the community of Frost, between Corsicana and Hillsboro. When the clouds cleared, residents discovered oddities such as a cedar shingle driven through an iron pot, and a single piece of straw piercing a utility pole. But the local school and church were both destroyed.

    The only injury to a person, however, was suffered by a man who found a splinter in his leg.

    But there was at least one close call in that 1930 tornado. A grandmother's house was leveled while she was in bed, and the only parts of her home left standing were the two walls of her room closest to the bed where she lay.

    "Her covers weren't even ruffled," Rivers said.

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