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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Stickseler, Mar 14, 2006.

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    We are setting up an Intranet site to keep track of pictures of material that we deliver to jobsites, right now its ie based and shows up as a directory tree you have to navigate throught.

    Based on my vast browsing experience I came up with the Idea that it would be easier to look up and look at if we had something that would give you a home screen with a link to the months (not a problem) but when you click on a month that takes you to a screen to select the date and that screen shows a thumb nail of the pic, the problem is there are 150+ deliverys a day and several pictures for each delivery and the pictures would need to update automaticly from a directory on the server.

    I know from the cough***porn***cough sites I have visited this has to be possible, these people can't update the pictures every day. The pictures are labled with an invoce# and truck # so I'd like to do a search for these also.

    Any Ideas....If you'd like an Idea of the kind of look i'm looking for PM me if you not offended and I'll send you the link (and if you just want the link for GP i'll send it to you too :laugh: )

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