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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CyberSniper, Sep 25, 2005.

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    So, the "Lindens" as I'll refer to them from here on out have shafted me again.

    I had originally went with them because you guys originally had good luck with them. I knew they were a small company but they seemed to be decent people so I figured I'd give the "little guy" company my money.

    About a year in they had some kind of catastrophic hardware failure. No big deal, I had a recent backup. The machine didn't sit on the nameserver. The customer service was still pretty good. The wife of the husband/wife team did most of the customer service.

    They merge with a bunch of companies. Service takes a ****. Something as simple as renewing the account took the better part of a week. Response time on email is usually "next day".

    Yesterday the machine took a **** again. All my data is gone. Roughly 2.3GB. All my pictures of Fugly's buildup are gone. I had two disks fail at home this summer and lost all my backups (both my main disk and my backup disk failed... the backup disk failed as I was retrieving data off it). Well, I found out that the "superior intellects" once again had my website sitting on the nameserver. So, this time, I lost all my data, all the cofiguration settings, everything. My last backup I still have is on DVD from 03/04/2004 (which was the last time I did backups on anything besides removable harddrives). All my previous webhosting companies did weekly tape backups at a bare minimum... or provided a way for you to back up your own data easily. The Lindens didn't/don't believe in this philosophy. They don't seem to find any kind of reason to backup configuration settings either. They don't seem to realize that it's cheaper for them to do backups than it is for me to spend their money downloading my entire website periodically. Tapes are cheap, bandwidth is expensive.

    But, I can't expect too much from a husband/wife team that lives in Seattle that has their stuff hosted in Houston in what they call "their datacenter". My guess is they have a couple colocated machines in somebody else's "datacenter" and have no physical access.

    I had my contact email with my registrar changed to support@domainname a while back since it makes sense to do so because I always have email access. Well, since the "superior intellect" had my website hosted on the same machine that does the nameserving... I can't change my DNS settings (since they told us all to move to a different nameserver) because it requires email confirmation. So I had to call my registrar (register.com) and have them change everything.

    Anyway, the Lindens said that data backup is my problem. Oh well, I can live. It's not a real big deal. It's a giant irritation and a lesson learned. Pretty much every webhosting company in the world, including my next one, does backups.

    Besides, I'm one of their few remaining old customers anyway and now I'm here telling my "story" of why to avoid them on several dozen forums. I mean, I like to give my money to the "little guy" but this is one reason why you don't. Once they get a little bigger they quit working for your money. The guy won't even tell me when my service is up for renewal.
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    Sucks. I know what losing stuff's like - when my laptop HDD crapped on me, I lost about 2GB of irreplaceable pics and video. 2 of my dogs who are no longer with us, pics from our Italian (mis)adventure, pics and video from my ride in a WWII B-25 bomber... the list goes on.
    It's my own dumbass fault for not backing up - strangely enough, it crapped out the night I sat down to burn all the important stuff to CD...

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