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Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by Cricket, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Thanks to El-Scotto and Lynn for the help.

    Took care of the short brakeline problem with the NAPA 38872's and got the drag link adjusted.

    1st half of the day I got Scott's Blazer suspension back in. 2nd half spent on my truck.

    Lynn drilled the brakelines and kept me entertained. He lets us use his storage yard to work on our rolling scrap piles. :bow:

    Scott helped with the brake bleeding and dug up an old caliper so I could rob the bleeder screw out of it. Helped with the draglink alignment. Took me over to get U-bolts made, then out to a smoked BBQ stand, damn good stuff.

    So thanks fellas for all the help and Pauly383 for the U-bolt offer.

    Oh I almost forgot. Nick, I "borrowed" one of the front body mount shells you tossed away in the bed scrap. I won't say what I did to the truck. :D
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    In Government Housing
    :mad: The best I get when I'm up there is Wendy's :rolleyes:

    You homoghay son of a gun :1zhelp::screwy:

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