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    i was going to build a new rear for my 89 k5 but i got to looking at boyce equipment and couldnt help myself.i forgot to ask if i got a ck5 discount, for what its costing me any kind of discount would be nice.hint hint steve!LOL since this is my daily drive i went with the 14SF rear with 4.56 gears and a posi unit. also they had them in the longer version which i like the looks of better. now i just have to wait til it gets here. feels like christmas all over again!!!

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    thats the same rear i used to have. Its very useful if you need to keep your wheels. Im selling it now perhaps if you had posted that you needed one I coulda sold it to ya. Its from Boyce like yours and is 4.56. hehe

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    i did post i was looking a while ago, there was a couple of us looking for them!

    "MORE POWER"!!

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