well, I'm off

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by MudNurI, Mar 22, 2002.

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    well, I\'m off

    Today's the day- 2 hours from now, we will be loaded in the D/A heading to florida....
    we changed our route a bit- and will be heading down I-91 to I-84 in Hartford- over to I-81 in Scranton- down to Winchester, VA, then back over to I-95 to St. Augustine...if you happen to be on those routes- and see a Pewter 2500 HD with NH plates- LVTRSH...toss a wave- its us!

    We'll be back sometime around April 3rd- unless the weather is nice- then we may stay longer LOL...and if its snowing up here, we DEFINETLY will be there longer-

    don't post to much- and I'll give you an update of how the ol D/A handled the trip...first trip for her, she's at 15,000 miles right now- should be pretty close to 18,000 when we get back.
    while I'm gone if any of you want- you can come up here and finish MudNurI.... I'll leave all the parts in the back of her. tools and maybe some beer!

    talk to you guys later

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