well looks like i might have me a "new" truck

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by bryguy00b, Feb 26, 2003.

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    well looks like i might have me a \"new\" truck

    because the blazer body on my blazer is such crap and basicly be on repair..im getting rid of it and selling it for parts which some of you guys know...but i just found a 86 silverado 1/2T 4x4 thats in pretty nice shape...it does need some body work liek a drivers side cab corner and door...(its getting bad pit holes) and front fender weels and new tailgate hinges...but nothing major..floors and rockers are striaght..as well as the supports and mounts underneath. and overall its a pretty solid truck. and mechanicly its awesome..new engine,tranny,t-case...the guy took out the 305 and put in a 350 rebiult with 30,000 on it...holley carb and some open element air cleaner on top..headers with dual exhaust..(sounds nice!) dont know of hand the tranny or t-case i didnt look but im going back soon to take a finall look and pay the guy..(probobly a 700 and 208) and its got a small lift with add a leafs..about 2" or so. im pretty happy...just needs a windshield and drag link and its goin on the road. wants 1500 for it....i dont think i can do much better for the $..speacially around here!

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