Well there she blows!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by speed_deed, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Two weeks ago I was push starting my '75 K10 with my '85 K5. Well I was going to just put the t-case in neutral and roll down the street pushing the pick up, well ofcourse nothing is ever as it should be and instead of the NP208 being in 4 LOW as it was to the last of my knowledge some little punk @ss 6 year old who is supposed to be my little brother (I wont believe it until I see DNA test results) had been dicking around in it and put it in 4 HIGH. Now normally I would have been able to tell that it wasnt in 4 LOW byt the reach it took to get to it but I was uhh well lets just say I was feeling absolutely no pain at all. Last weekend I noticed a good sized puddle of fluid under the truck and it was obvious what it was. I got under the truck and yep sure enough out of the front of the transfercase she was leaking fluid.

    Thank God I have got a '84 in the backyard with both the TH700R4 and NP208 which were supposedly rebuilt in 2001 and had about 1000 miles on it when I signed the title Jan. 15th 2002 and has since had about 7 miles put on it.

    Anyway I am going to be super busy tomorrow and Christmas and when I do a job on my truck I like to have all of the tools I need layed out in the order that I will need them. I have got the whole Haynes manual and looked through it to see if it has the list of tools that I will need but it doesnt say anything. I plan on doing this on Friday. If anyone happens to be on here that can list this out for me tonight I would really appreciate it.

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