What a pain in the ying yane!!

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    I decided that since my water pump on my 72 K5 was going bad That I would change it from a short to a long waterpump. Since I have power steering that turned out to be some work. I ended up changing it back because I have a rare power steering pump that has a pulley about the size of a frisbee so the steering doesn't feel so loose and it will not fit with a modern bracket. I don't want to change the pulley to another pump because that job sucks too. I think I may be getting lazy in my old age. Actually the final kicker was when I went to put on the modern alternater bracket, the big one on top that has two bolts that mount ot the waterpump and the one bolt that mounts to the intake manifold, it did not fit because of the location of the hole on my Torker two for the top bolt was wrong. So the heck with it, the last short snout pump lasted 10 years I hope NAPA comes through for me and this one will too. The biggest thing I need to make sure of is on the 25th when MUDNUTT, about half a dozen others and myself hit the mud that my Blazer is running right so I can pull MUDNUTT out.

    Like to go sloppin' 'round in da mud in a rapid fashion....=) [​IMG]

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