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    It was a great Saturday.
    Yesterday I got up rotated my tires then I installed my ORD steering brace. I still have yet to drive it with the brace to see if I notice the difference. The front bracket went in smooth but I had a little bit of a pain to get the rear one in. I noticed as I was moving my lines around that the power steering fluid came out as a dark green color is that ok?
    Then I finally started to replace my stock battery wiring with the new 1/0awg size wiring. I’m using 1/0awg monster cable. For my terminals I finally got my hands on some terminals from Quick Cable, they are called Fusion connectors. All you have to do is strip the wire back some insert it into the terminal and the heat them up and they are preloaded with solder and flux, so you end up with a soldered connection. Which is in preparation for my dual battery setup. So now I have a question, do any of you guys have the Hell Roaring set-up? If so where did you run your switch? Where is a good place to go through the firewall? This my first try at rewiring the truck so I’m trying to make sure that I do it right. I have two yellow tops for my batteries and I can not wait to finish this project.
    Just as a side note you can not use the Hell Roaring unit with 1/0awg unless you are willing to trim the terminals in order to do so. I had some gold Rockford Fosgate terminals that I trimmed to fit the Hell Roaring unit

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