What Could Have Been?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Sep 15, 2004.

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    So since I'm stuck at home with nothing more grander on my schedule than to replace a lost shock bolt on the K5, I decided I would look up what's been happening with the job I didn't take.

    Some of ya know, and some don't; back in last fall I decided I started looking for cop jobs in New Mexico. I found one deparmemnt and had an interview with them in December. I did my research and knew going in that there were some problems with the department, but nothing that would have prevented me from taking the job. That is until I actually went to the town and had the interview. Wife didn't like the town, I didn't like; but it took me awhile after the interview before I decided not to take it. I just didn't get good vibs from the place.

    So today I decided to do a search on one of the local papers to see what has been going on, to justify my decision. Since March 10th, there have been seven stories about the department written by the newspaper, and all but one were about the squabbles the sheriff has been having with the citizens and county commissioners. Knowing that, I'll feel better knowing who I work for.

    Speaking of which, one department I've always wanted to check out and possibly work for had called me the day after I started here, had an interview and turned them down due to my newness here. A few weeks ago, I transported one of our inmates that had did time over there and he had nothing bad to say about what he knew of the department. How's that for a recommendation?
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