What do I need to know to finish this motor?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by MaxCrack, Jan 18, 2002.

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    OK I just got my motor. It's a '94 454. It came with complete heads, oil pan, cam, crank and pistons. I need to get all the stuff on the front end, intake manifold and exhaust.

    I decided not to go with Fuel Injection for now, since it is more time and money than I have since we got the house.

    The heads are oval port,
    do i need to know anything else about it to get exhaust?
    Can I use my Q-Jet from the 350?
    What do I need to know in terms of picking an intake manifold if i can use the Q-Jet?
    Can I use the power steering pump and housing from the 350?
    Water pump?
    Alternator? ( I think I just need new brackets for this one )
    Oil pump?
    Fuel Pump? ( I have an electric in line pump that runs at 6-8 PSI I was thinking of using. Good idea or bad? )

    Clutch stuff...
    I have never even looked at this stuff so I have no clue what I need.
    Can I use any of the stuff from the old set up?

    Anything else I missed?

    It seemed like a good idea when I bought it, now I feel overwhelmed all of a sudden.

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    i dont know alot about big blocks but i'll give yeah what i got
    q-jet yes
    if the water pump fits it's not a good idea there cheap
    fuel pump is ok
    sorry it's not much but i hope it helps
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    Exhaust wise... if you are going with headers ask around the boards here. I know many of the BBC boys had had problems with some headers hitting the shackle I believe on the driver's side. The only ones I know that work for sure are the Thorleys.

    You can use your 350 Q-jet but it is probably too small... I would suggest something in the 750-780 cfm range

    You will need the brackets from an older BBC, but you can reuse the ps and alt. If you go a newer setup the alternator is different. Any way you go your WP is gonna be different.

    Oil pump is different for BBC's if you are talking about using one off a small block. I would just get a Melling replacentment pump for a 94 454 and it will match the oil pan perfectly.

    I like the electric pumps for high performance. This may be your only choice as I believe a 94 would be a Gen. V block (But not sure off the top of my head here) which doesn't have the fuel pump Boss... but it is easy to check... look and see if it is there. I highly recomend using a electric pump along with an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This will save you from possibly blowing out the seals and floats in the carb. Summit has a FP reg that is pretty affordable and off course you will need to get a FP guage and adapter for under the hood.

    I assume you are talking the 465 manual... I don't have anyexperience with them directly so I'm not sure. I would guess the 454 is from an auto truck w/ a 4L80, but it could of been a manual. Probably would need to swap to different flywheel and clutch. One tip I do know for sure is get new flywheel bolts! Don't use flexplate bolts for a fly wheel or vise versa. You are also gonna want a new starter. Maybe call a tranny shop and ask them as I really don't know for sure as this is not my area of expertise. I'm just going of the fundermentals and general knowledge. A good tranny or clutch/drivetrain shop should be able to get you all the rights piece or part numbers. That is unless any other CK5'ers out there know?

    Other then that I think that is it.... but then those are famous last words LMAO [​IMG] Good luck!

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    When picking an intake manifold - It depends on where you want to make horsepower, if it's in the upper RPM range you would want to go with a single plane (they do their thing best at wide open throttle use), otherwise go with a dual plane.

    I didn't see mention of the radiator. I don't know if there was a difference for big blocks vs. small blocks, but I'm throwing it out as something to check? Maybe someone else can answer that...

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