What do you suggest for rear spring/flip combo?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Texan, Dec 12, 2000.

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    I've got 4" Tuff Country springs up front and blocks on stock springs out back on my 89'. It was already a little saggy in the butt after the lift and since I've towed my trailer a few times it's really starting to droop. Looks like I'm 1.75"s low in the back with no trailer so it's obvious the springs have got to go but here's my question - do Tuff Country's rear springs have more arch than advertised and how many leaf's are in the 2" and 3" packs? I don't mind getting a little taller in the rear than the front because of the occasional towing and because I'm seriously considering some extended shackles up front to add another 1/2" to 1" (my 35's rub occasionally and I'm trying to avoid the sawsall). What do you recommend for my situation, 2" or 3" Tuff Country's (along with a shackle flip)?


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    I'm going to guess that the 2" would do it for you. You're going to have 6" in the rear and about 4-5 in the front, so it should work pretty well. I'm sure part of your problem now is just loss of height on the stock springs. The TCI springs are pretty similar to stock, being 4 leaves plus an overload. Rates are right in the same area. I think the 2 inchers would be the way to go.


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