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What ever happened to Barker's Beauties?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by dontoe, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. dontoe

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    May 7, 2004
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    Where Are They Now - Barker's Beauties

    Posted by Jellio on December 20, 2005. [​IMG]
    So, I've been watching alot of The Price Is Right, lately (don't ask). I like the show...I like Bob...I like the games. I'd put a Plinko set in my living room if I had more space. And I still love that so many of the prizes are ridiculously tacky. It's all good.
    But as I've been watching, I realize the models are different every day. What's that all about? And honestly, they're not nearly as attractive as they used to be. Remember Janice...Dian, the hottie...Holly, the red-head...Whatever happened to them, and the rest?

    Anitra Ford (1972–1977)
    Let me introduce you to Barker's very first beauty. Anitra Ford and Janice Penington were the first two models on Barker's daytime version of show. (There was the Bill Cullen version before Bob took over, but we're not interested in that here). Anitra was on for five years (replaced by Holly), and went on to a life of starring roles in b-movies, including Love Machine, The Big Bird Cage and Invasion of the Bee Girls, but her most famous role was probably playing the bitch at the beginning of The Longest Yard who drives Burt Reynolds to a life of crime. Sort of fell off the planet after the 70's, though. The image is from a college reunion shot.

    Who's the sexiest Barker's Beauty? Check out this poll. (I love that late announcer Rod Roddy beat two of the girls.)

    Janice Pennington (1972–2000)
    Janice Pennington...May 1971 Playmate of the month, original Barker's Beauty, and record holder for longest run on thre show...28 years. In 1988 Janice was accidentally knocked unconscious by a camera during taping. She sued the show, and was awarded $1.3 million. It was the first of a string of Price is Right lawsuits.
    In 1994, she wrote Husband, Lover, Spy, an account of her search for boyfriend and famed mountain climber Fritz Stammberger, who went missing in Afghanistan in 1975. In 1992, she married writer Carlos de Abreu, who co-authored the book with her. In 1997, they founded the Hollywood Film Festival, which occupies most of her time these days. Pretty wild life.

    Dian Parkinson (1975–1993)
    Welcome to Bob Barker's nightmare. Dian Parkinson was the model who sued the show's host for sexual harassment in 1993, saying Barker coerced her into sex (can you blame him?). Barker admitted to hanky-panky (that's right, I said hanky-panky) but maintained that it was consensual. Parkinson dropped her lawsuit in 1995, saying she couldn't match Barker's budget for lawyers.
    Parkinson was a Playboy cover girl in December 1991 and May 1993. And you can see dozens of great Dian Parkinson shots here.

    Kathleen Bradley (1990–2000)
    Kathleen Bradley was the first African-American model on the show. She won the "Miss Black California" award in 1971, was married to Bill Overton and had one child before they divorced. These days, she makes rare public appearances in the Los Angeles area. You can see her on a site called Super-hair.net (because she has great hair, I guess?)

    Want to see who's manning the pricing games these days? Click here to see the current bevy of beauties.

    Heather Kozar (2001–2002)
    Reader: Why are you including Heather Kozar? She left the show just three years ago. Jellio: Because it's Heather Kozar. Don't ask stupid questions. Heather Kozar - Price is Right model, Playmate of the Year, Executive producer of heather-kozar.com. Yes, there is a God. And yes, he is a guy.

    No clue what the backstory is here, but check out a show they did where Bob and the ladies were all hammered. (this is great)

    Gena Lee Nolin (1994–1995)
    Gena's another one who doesn"t really need a Where Are They Now, (although she's not setting Hollywood on fire, or anything) but she represents all the b-listers that started as Barker's Beauties. In addition to Gena Lee, Nicki Ziering and Cindy Margolis also graced the Price is Right stage. Is it any wonder Bob couldn't keep it in his pants?

    Holly Hallstrom (1977–1995)
    Finally...Holly Hallstrom, the red-head. Beloved by fans, and known for having all kinds of problems with prizes and various set pieces.
    In 1995, Hallstrom was dismissed from the show. She argued that she had been fired for failing to lose weight (the result of side-effects from prescription drugs she took for a hormonal imbalance) and Bob sued her for libel and slander. I'm not even gonna try to list all the details here (like the three other models that sided with Holly) but it's pretty crazy. . You can read the whole account here. (That Bob is a wacky mother ****er...but get your pets spayed and neutered, anyway)
    So what's Holly doing these days. Apparently she's gotten her life back together (she was living in her car for a while), and started a foundation for those suing for harrassment in the workplace. Here's a Holly fansite (these ladies have alot of fansites)
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    Aug 26, 2005
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    :yikes: Janice hasn't had any work!

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