What in the heck is a CON2 or C2 12-bolt

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    This is sort of a long post but I guess you could get a laugh how i spent 2 hours freezing my a** of looking at axles. I'm in search of 12-bolt my Blaze so I went out and scouted the GM graveyard around my uncles shop. I found two canidates, a 1977 C10 Bonanza and 19?? K10 frame. All I know of the frame is that had dual exhaust, has 6 leaves on the rear spring and is 4 wheel drive. My uncle thought it had a 400 engine with auto tranny at one time. The front half is buried in a snow drift but I saw part of the t-case frozen in the ground, it had the flat chrome arm for the shifter. It could be a 203, 205, 207, I have no clue all that wasnt frozen in the drift was the back section where the driveshaft bolted to, if anyone can ask me question about I might be able to give out some clues. I jacked up the rear and spun one of the rear tires around. I spun the tire one complete time around and the yoke moved around 1 3/4 (roughly) times. The only markings I could find were CON2 on the upper left corner of the pumpkin.

    The C10 Bonanza was the first one I've seen. Its running a 350 motor with a 350 auto tranny. I crawled under it and about crapped my pants because of the springs. The springs had 7 leaves with an arch and one flat leaf for a grand total of eight. I checked the upper left corner and saw what appeared to be a two circles that surrounded the code "C2"

    Basically I was wondering what your opnion on what the ratios might be in these things and what CON2/C2 could mean. I'm thinking that its the carrier that holds the larger 3.73 and up gears (crossing my fingers).

    Thanks a million to anyone who could fill me in.

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