What is a good price for this axle?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by fourwheelinj1, Nov 26, 2002.

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    Sep 18, 2002
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    There is a guy locally selling his 3/4 ton dana 44 because he just upgraded to a dana 60. I wanna know what you guys think this axle is worth. I am going to due a 3/4 ton swap in spring and this seems to be just what i need.

    All seals new except pinion seal, he said it leaks.
    -1976 Chevy 3/4 4X4 front axle with 4:10 gears.
    -Lockrite that was bought in August 2002.
    -New Calipers that have been ground to fit 15" wheels.
    -Chrome (but slightly dented) diff cover
    -MileMarker Premium external lockouts.
    -All new wheel bearings and races.
    -12 month old tierod
    -New -297x u-joints
    -Moog ball joints
    -4" raised GM steering arm
    NOW......It also includes all of the following spare/extra parts.
    -1 pair MileMarker external lockouts.
    -2 long side axleshafts
    -1 shortside axleshaft(I prolly have more)
    -3 stub shafts
    -1 Passenger side flat top knuckle for x-over steering (knuckle not machined for steering arm.
    I replaced the inner axle seals when I installed the lockright in August, and I parked the truck on a hill for 10 days and found a couple of drops of 80-90w on the tire, so I am not sure if it was coming from the inner axle seal or just some residual that was in the axle tube.
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    well considering that i paid roughly $300 to $500 for my conversion i wouldnt be surprised if he asked upwards of $500 due to all the spare parts. Its not hard to do yourself but finding the parts is a pain in the neck.

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