What is the best winch bumper for the money?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TX Mudder, Mar 22, 2002.

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    Every time I think I've made up my mind, I figure out it's not what I really need.
    I want a front winch bumper for a 73-80. I am planning on a Warn HS9500i winch.
    I like black or stainless steel and it needs to have D-rings on it. Don't really want brush guard or any of that. Just a really solid bumper.
    KMA seems out because of many bad experiences I've heard about them (and not just on this board.) The Warn Classic bumper is probably out because of the weak sides.
    I don't have $1000 for the bumper itself!
    If I could weld, I coudl probably take a Warn Classic, chop off the sides and weld some really strong sides for it.
    -- Mike
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    i have a KMA and like it a lot. I guess if u didnt wanna deal with them, you could check out the pics of mine in my webshots album and then print those up and have a local welder/fbber make one for you. Prolly even cheaper than a KMA... you wouldnt have to pay shipping. One thing I have found, is that fab guys will do stuff pretty quick (ie cheap) if you already have the whole thing FULLY designed and drawn up. If the guy has to spend hours measuring and adjusting things etc, its just gonna cost ya more money. Figure out exactly what ya want, and price around your local area... try a few different shops. Best advice I can give. Buying a premade one ensures that you have to either a) deal with a less than reputable shop, or b) pay out the nose to get a quality bumper from a shop with a good rep. Neither is a great option IMO.

    At any rate, try the local thing 1st. Who knows, you might meet a welder guy that digs 4x4s and become buddies with him. If there is one thing I have learned, there is nothing more valuable than a buddy that can weld...


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