What kind of weld for a Thorley Header?

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    As some of you may remember, my 454 came with a set of Thorley headers. One of them is cracked. Installation time is near and I need to fix them. They have been sandblasted and are ready for paint (or coated maybe). What kind of weld should I ask for? I want one that wont rust.

    Also, can somebody please explain what are the differences between MIG, TIG, etc? I've just seen shops with "acetylene or electric" over here in my country. (I know there are some specialized somewhere).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well unless the header is stainless steel any weld you get will rust just the same as the header.

    Headers are thin wall tubing and the best weld process to fix a crack would be TIG if the material hasn't become too thin from corrosion.

    TIG stands for Tungsten-Inert-Gas and basically it is an electric torch. A tungsten tip provides the heat in an inert environment and a filler rod is used to create the weld material

    MIG stands for Metal-inert-Gas. This is basically wire feed welding and MIG is a fairly generic term. This is a great process for production welding, it's fast and does a great job. It is a little tough to use on very thin material though.

    Acetylene is gas welding using a oxygen/acetylene torch and filler rod. This could also be used to repair the header...but if you can find a shop that has a TIG welder that would be my first choice.


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    Like the below post, if the header is not eaten away ( with Thorleys, they should be in good shape) get it Tig welded back and it should be just fine. Not to mention the weld wont be so ugly you are worried about covering it up.


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