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    I'm about to install my 4 inch rough country lift kit.. Now the instructions look pretty straight forward, the kit is complete and new.
    What should i look for when I have the truck apart? I'm using an impact wrench to remove the old hardware... I'm thinking of changing out the universal joints, wheel bearings while everything is apart..
    Is there anything else I'm overlooking?
    Do I need new "longer" brake lines w/ a 4 inch kit...?
    I'm using Front/Rear springs with Rough Country shocks and new steering arm...
    Thanks guys.. I'm going to disassemble the truck in a few.. I'll check back for responses later..

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    Do you have that 15/16ths, deep socket? You'll be really glad you have it once you start on the u-bolts. [​IMG]

    Squirt all the bolts and nuts good with penetrating oil before you start. That can make the job a bit easier.

    For the brake lines, you can either use the brackets in the kit to move where the flex lines connect to the hard lines or you can install new lines. You need to do one or the other to keep from ripping off a brake line when the suspension gets crossed up.

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