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    Hey guys,
    I found an ad in a local trader for a guy selling front and rear 3/4 ton axles for less than $500. In the ad he says they are complete, but he doesn't say much else. I want to know what questions I need to ask him to make certain that I'm getting what I want/need for my 78. Please list questions and why I need to ask them. Axles are a little beyond me, but I know that I have corporate 10 front and 12 bolt rear in my 78 now. Thanks in advance.

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    <font color=blue>Ask if they came from the same truck. Just because they're complete doesnt mean they're a matching set. Scrape off all the crap from the housing and write down the numbers then go to a chevy dealership or a parts store and have them check the numbers. Dont trust what they tell you. For instance, my dad got a 3/4 ton 14 ff for his truck today (since I took his 1 ton version for my truck [​IMG]) and it said 76 CHEVY TRUCK on it.... he ran the numbers and it was from an 80. If they're 3/4 ton, they should bolt right in. Ask if you can pull the cover to look at the insides and to count the R&P gears. Dont show cash until he shows you the insides. This way you can tell if its posi, detriot locker, or open gears and you can also tell what parts if any need replacing.</font color=blue>

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