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What to look for in a 14 bolt?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by BLzr4x4ngkid, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. BLzr4x4ngkid

    BLzr4x4ngkid 1/2 ton status

    Feb 18, 2000
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    Wichita, KS
    I might go make some phone calls today after I get up and look for a 14 bolt. If I find some descently priced ones, what kind of stuff should I look for when looking at it? Like I said on my post about the 4.56 gears, if I can find a 14 bolt then I might as well run 38" TSL's or 39" Boggers. Just kind of fill me in on what to look for and I'll appreciate it. Thanks guys.


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  2. yeild2me

    yeild2me 1/2 ton status

    Jan 7, 2001
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    fayetteville, nc
    i have been doing this all week, and this is what i have done...first off, i choose one that was already on a truck..i figured there would be less chance of it being messed up. plus, i VISUALLY saw that it was in fact a single wheel axle...i pre-measured my truck before i left the house and compared the new axles (spring perches and such) just to make sure ( i hate surprises)....i pulled the cover and checked out the gears, r/p, condition of the fluid, and for metal pieces in the bottom on the magnet..pull the axles out and check them for wear....i wasnt too concerned with the brake pads b/c i plan to re-do them any way, but i made sure all the hard ware was there...if the drums appear to be really worn, ask the yard if they will give you replacements..if you cant tell right then and there, ask if they will swap with you if you take them to get turned and they are out of spec....you may also be able to work out a deal with rims so you can still use your truck with the six front/8 rear unless you already have the parts to do the front at the same time...i plan on getting some used tires at the local used tire place just to run until i get the front swapped and new 15" 8 luggers..he may have some decent alumminum(sp?) rims, they guy here did, but i dont know for sure on the price yet, but they had bfg at's on them and i offered him a c-note, but no word just yet..i am kinda looking to have two sets of tires/rims for play, and daily driving duties...dont forget the easy stuff, checking the housing for obvious damage and stuff like that, dont laugh because its easy!!! a guy starts getting a fuzzy feeling inside as he stares that big mo-fo in the face!!!!
    you may also be able to count the teeth for the ratio, but it isnt easy to see....bring a flash light for axles that are under trucks...it will prob be easier if the axle is on blocks and turn the pinion and have a buddy tell you when the axle makes one complete turn,,this method will get you pretty close 1.e. about 4 turns 4:10, a little less than for turns 3:73 etc..
    CALL AROUND!!!! one place wanted 650 the next wanted 200 several said they didnt have any (whatever, gm only made about a billion of them!), so just start at 'a'in the yellow pages and call all of them!!
    oh yeah, another reason i was leaning towards one that was in a truck is because the bed protects it pretty good form the elements...compare one that has been left out and you will see what i mean...this matters less if you are planning a complete rebuild though..

    one last thing,,,this was mentioned on a post of mine last night..if you plan on gettin a detriot locker be sure you get an axle that has an OPEN diff...this will save you extra expense dwn the road

  3. Chris Demartini

    Chris Demartini 1/2 ton status

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Dumont NJ 07628
    <font color=blue>I would avoid junkyards, they know about 14 bolts and how desireable they are, and they will charge you acordingly. Another member of this board got a whole 1 ton truck for $250 dollars since the body was shot. Me and my dad were at a barn sale one day, I spotted an NP205 under a tarp. Upon closer inspection I found an entire 1 ton drivetrain. My dad bought it for $400, I took the rear since it was a bolt-in for my truck. Another person I know got a front-ended 78 3/4 ton for $100 complete with 400 sb, SM465/NP205 and 14 bolt/d44 axles. Junkyards are the quickest, but these deals are out there. Just pull covers, count teeth and if posible get a matching set.</font color=blue>

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