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What was I thinking?

1989 K5 convertible conversion, MPFI 383, M1028 axles


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Jul 1, 2018
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bassackwards submitted a new Build:

What was I thinking?

What started as a simple convertible conversion grew legs.

$2200 for whole Blazer with lots of new parts, cowl hood in box (sold it) extra aluminum wheels (sold) ralleys (sold) great interior (sold). I kept the new dash and door panels though.

First I stumbled upon a M1028 that was mangled but only had 31k miles on the original drivetrain. I snagged the axles and sold the rest of the truck.

A CL score on a set of 315/70/17 tires on 8 lug wheels popped up for less than I sold the aluminum wheels and ralleys that came with the Blazer.

Then a crazy cheap deal on a Vortec 383 came up. Everyone needs a 383 right? Next thing I know I sold the TPI and am dropping in a 383.

The RC lift kit was too much and I couldn't even get in so off it went and replaced with a 3" EZ ride Net cost $0.

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