Whats better: swap 10bolt w/ disc from 88k5 or add discs from 71 onto D44

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mcmlxix, Jun 30, 2003.

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    I have a 70K5 with D44 front with manual drums all the way around. I want to add disc brakes. I have a 88k5 that has a 10 bolt with discs. Whats better? Is the D44 stronger? One has 28 spline and the other has 30 spline.(I think) I have a 71 with Disc Brakes that I have all the parts to swap over? I dont have any plans for off road torture but I dont want to downgrade the strength of the axels either? I searched and found conflicting info on swaping drum to disc on the D44.
    See two pics in my member gallery.
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    Well since no one else is chiming in, I will..

    The 70K5 44 will have the smaller u-joint than the 88 10 bolt. So you'll have some increased strength there. The 10 bolt does have smaller carrier bearings, but not by much.(not enough to make a huge difference)... The 44 will also have smaller wheel bearings...

    The 88 10 bolt should be a 30 spline unit unless it is an early 88 axle before they went to 30 spliners.

    One last thing I can think of is overall width. The 70 k5's were alittle narrower I thought. Check the overall measurements, spring perch widths etc.. If it were me and the ratios were the same as well as the widths springs perches, etc... I would go with the 10bolt......

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