What's in the CST package ?

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    What\'s in the CST package ?

    Afternoon fellas!
    Quick question- what's included in a CST package?
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    Re: What\'s in the CST package ?

    I believe it was mostly a "trim" package.....the lower body cladding stuff, some additional interior chrome pieces, CST badges on each door, and one on the glovebox...etc.

    CST may have also automatically gotten you all the seats....remember the Blazer only came with 1 seat (the drivers). Anything else you had to buy.....I think that was even true for the hardtop....not included unless you add it to your order.

    There is a great site I just discovered where you can look at ALL the original literature on the 1st Gens.

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.slosh.com/cars/brochures/blazer1.html>http://www.slosh.com/cars/brochures/blazer1.html</a>

    I'm not sure who's responsible for that site, but it's a GREAT resource for old literature and road tests.....I already downloaded copies of EVERY item that's there about the '69-'72 models. You could learn a lot about the early Blazers be reading all the stuff there....that's what I'm trying to do now!!! [​IMG]

    The only thing I'd still like to find is a comprehensive "Paint Colors" chart, showing all the colors offered in each of those first 4 years, and color chips to go along with them. The 1972 Sales Brochure has colors in it, but there are none in the '69 - '71 Brochures.

    Anyone know where to find them?


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