What's up with this?

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    What\'s up with this?

    When I take a long time...
    - I am slow
    When my boss takes a long time
    - he is thorough

    When I don't do it...
    - I am lazy
    When my boss doesn't do it
    - he is too busy

    When I do something without being told...
    - I am over-stepping my boundaries
    When my boss does the same thing
    - that is initiative

    When I take a stand...
    - I am stubborn
    When my boss does it
    - he is being firm

    When I overlook a rule of etiquette...
    - I am rude
    When my boss slips a few rules
    - he is being original

    When I please my boss...
    - I am apple polishing
    When my boss pleases his boss
    - he is co-operating

    When I get ahead...
    - I am lucky
    When my boss gets ahead
    - that's hard work

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