Wheel bearing inspection

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    I need some help evaluating the condition of my wheel bearings and spindle (This is on a 10-bolt front out of a 90K5). The roller portion of the bearings don't have any obvious discoloration or roughness, and they roll smoothly. The inner ring (surface that contacts the spindle) has some discoloration in places. Its not blue like overheating. There are some areas that are kinda rust colored and a spot or two that is slightly shinny. The spindle has matching areas. Is this discoloration expected, or do I need to replace the bearings and spindle?

    78 K5
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    Try checking the bearing fit to the spindle, should be snug but not loose. The discolorration is kinda normal from what I've seen, the weight of the truck on the spindle/bearings causes them to "side" load and ride on one side (upper/lower) part of the spindle. Normal to a dergee, does not sound like the bearings are spinning on the spindle, witch is a good thing.Fromwhat I've seen the bearings can take the abuse,spndles take the punishment, check for grooves worn into the spindle. If it loooks worn, try rotateing the spindle one or two bolt holes. Hope this helps you out.


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