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    Does this seem right, I go into the auto parts store because I need the special 4 prong socket to tighten the axle bearings on my GM 10 Bolt. So I figure while I'm there I might as well get new bearings/races/etc, so I only do this once. I was told that wheels bearings are cheap so I get all the stuff, Beraings (4), races (2), seals (2), 4 prong socket, haynes manual (bout time), and some wheel bearing grease. The total was $132!!! Is this right? Let me know because I thought this was really expensive. Thanks

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    That's about average give or take a few$$.
    Be happy that ya can do this yourself. If you went to a shop you would get charged labor plus parts which they generaly mark up 150%
    when I did my D44 last year it was over $200, but I got Warn premiums , u-joints and spindle kits too.
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    Look at it this way, your truck is 22 years old....Gee $132 will get it another 22 years down the road.
    Now you really want to freak. To replace every seal in that front axle, carrier bearings, tie rod, drag link, Wheel bearings, u-joints......$550 bucks. I have doen this on both of my trucks. Well the 79 didn't need the carrier bearings. The 75 did. Seems somebody removed both shafts. Didn't clean the tubes. shoved the shafts on the normal dirt that collects in the tubes and shoved the dirt into the diff housing where it drops right into the carrier bearings.

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