Where can I buy the fender cut-outs??

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    I think I might keep my Jimmy after all. One of the guys in my fraternity has a 14 bolt 1-ton rear and he said he would sell it to me for $100. All it needs is new axle shafts. It's in excellent shape. The question is, should I just keep my 6" lift and cut the fenders and put the flares on, or should I put my 3" body on also and the flares?? I plan on running 39.5 Boggers. Since I'll have the heavy axle to do it, might as well huh?? There is a lifted 'Burb' by my work and he has the fender cut-outs and it looks pretty mean. He only has a 6" with 39 Baja Claws on it. I was just wondering what you guys think. Thanks for the help. Later.

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    Re: Should I go with fender cut-out flares??

    If you are not doing any rock crawlin they are great. Mine are all broken up from rocks and trees.

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